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The Best BMW Repair in El Cerrito, Richmond, or Albany is Right Around the Corner

BMW owners are a special breed of drivers. You chose your BMW because you wanted one of the best driving machines in the world, and that means you are particular about the quality of work that goes into them. When you want the best BMW auto repair shop in El Cerrito, Richmond, Albany, or even the surrounding Oakland region, where do you turn?

The first and most common choice tends to be at your local BMW dealer. Maybe this is where you purchased your car and you feel as though there is some loyalty factor involved, so you don’t even think about bringing it elsewhere.

Maybe you bring it to the dealer’s repair shop because that’s where you’ve been bringing it since you purchased it new. Perhaps you believe that the only people who should even be touching your precious car are the people who do nothing but work on them all day long, every day, all year round.

Those are all valid reasons to bring your BMW to a dealership’s auto repair shop. However, do you actually know that you’re getting the best work done on your car from the most experienced technicians? Do you know how long some of those technicians have been working on cars, let alone Bimmers? If not, then how can you possibly know whether they are the best people to be working on your fine driving machine?

You don’t. Does that mean that they don’t know what they’re doing or that your BMW is not in capable hands? No. What it means is that just because you’re bringing your BMW to a dealership auto repair shop in the area, that doesn’t equal the best workmanship, quality, or reliability.

Don’t the dealerships provide the best service?

It’s a common misconception that far too many BMW owners believe in that the dealership where they purchased their car is going to provide the best service. However, they will certainly provide the best service when your car is under warranty. After all, they want you to become a lifetime BMW owner, which means that when you’re ready to trade in your current car, you’re more likely to choose them to buy your new one. It’s basic marketing strategy.

And they will continue to treat you well even after your car’s warranty is no longer valid or doesn’t cover the repair expenses. You will likely get all of the donuts and coffee that you can handle while you’re in the waiting area, anticipating the time when you’ll be able to get your car back and you can be back on the road.

So, does that mean you’re going to get the best prices? Will they be fair about how much it’s going to cost you in order to get your car back on the road? Or will you end up spending much more for basic repairs and maintenance costs because you’re choosing to continue to bring your BMW to the dealership auto repair shop?

In many cases, the expenses that you’ll have to incur for general maintenance and repair for your BMW will be higher when you bring it to the dealership. Changing the brake pads on your BMW could cost you several hundred dollars per wheel from these shops. Maybe you don’t even think twice about it and just assume that since it’s a BMW, it should cost more than other cars.

However, did you know that BMWs use essentially the same type of brake pads that you’ll find on most other cars? Disc or drum brake pads aren’t any different, even if it has the BMW logo on it. Your car deserves the best, so you’re going to end up with some high quality brake pads, but they don’t cost anywhere near what you end up paying for them at those repair shops.

The same holds true for other general maintenance requirements that you BMW may have. An oil change for your BMW, that may require full synthetic oil, might cost you $75 or more, but it shouldn’t be that expensive. Changing the spark plugs might cost you more than $100, even though the plugs themselves are only $10 to $15 a piece.

Just because you own a BMW doesn’t mean that you should be willing to throw your money away on repairs or general maintenance. However, these auto repair shops that are part of dealerships don’t want you to think about going elsewhere, and that’s how they end up trapping you into paying more for the same type of work that you could have done elsewhere.

Can you bring your BMW to any auto repair shop in El Cerrito, Albany, or Richmond?

It’s important to keep in mind, though, that you shouldn’t just think about bringing your BMW to any auto repair shop in the area. Some technicians don’t have the training or know-how to work on these driving machines. There are intricate parts and procedures for removing certain parts that make BMWs unique to any other car. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could end up damaging the car more than you repair it.

Also, if the technician or auto repair shop doesn’t have the desire to find the right parts, or doesn’t have access to the best parts for your BMW, then you could end up with second rate repairs that could compromise the integrity and value, not to mention the safety, of your BMW.

Don’t take chances when it comes to your BMW, and don’t throw your money away by being forced to choose the dealership’s repair shop. Choose a company that has been working on BMWs and many other vehicles for more than 38 years. Marty’s Motors is an ASE certified Master Technician and auto repair shop in El Cerrito that also serves Albany and Richmond as well. When you want the best repair and maintenance service for your BMW, look to

Marty’s Motors. Call them today to find out just how much you can save while still getting the highest quality service for your driving machine.