Do You Need Auto Repair in Albany, California?

How important is your car to you? For some people, their car or truck is an extension of themselves. It ends up having its own personality, granted that personality is provided by its owner. For others, though, their car is just a means to an end. It’s a way to get from one point to another as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Today’s cars and trucks have become intricate machines that are controlled by one or more on board computers, yet these same refined machines have many of the same, general components that have been in existence since Ford rolled the first production car out of his shop. No matter how you view your car, no matter what kind of car you drive, and no matter what kind of problems you’re experiencing with it, when you require auto repair, then you want the best company in the area, whether you’re in Albany or the surrounding towns or cities.

Why is choosing the right auto repair company in Albany so important?

If you don’t understand much about your car, how it runs, what the noises it’s making mean, or why it doesn’t seem to be running smoothly, then you will tend to rely on a professional, experienced auto repair technician to fix it. Perhaps you don’t really care to know what those funny noises are or why your car tends to drift to one side of the highway or the other.

What you do know, and what you do want, is to get it repaired and back on the road as quickly as possible. So you open up the phone book (if you still have one) or you go online and you begin to look for an affordable auto repair shop in Albany.

You will find plenty. In fact, you might find so many auto repair companies in Albany and the surrounding areas of Oakland and San Francisco that you might think that they’re all the same. So you choose one and you call them up. You describe the sound that it coming from your car and the technician on the other end encourages you to schedule an appointment.

“Come in right away,” they might say, making it seem as though there’s something critically wrong with your car that could make it unsafe. Granted, there could be any number of issues that could render your car unsafe to drive right now, but this sense of urgency might make you forget about contacting anyone else. You know how tough it can be to schedule an appointment and this company has an opening right now.

You bring your car to the shop, sweating with every mile, hoping that it won’t break down, or worse, before you get there. The shop is old, looks rundown a bit, and the mechanics or technicians have loud music blasting in the bays, hydraulics whipping bolts from tires, and clanging metal on the concrete bay floors. It’s busy and you forget the appearance; it’s the workmanship that matters, right?

You get a ride home and then wait for the call from the technician who will be working on your car to find out what’s wrong with it. A coworker who happened to know a little about cars said that it sounded as though you need new brake pads. It’s a common requirement for cars on today’s roads, with all of the stop and go traffic that we deal with living so close to major cities, and the traffic that goes along with it.

You don’t get a call that day and then the next morning, mercifully, your phone rings and it’s the shop calling to tell you that you not only need new pads, but new rotors and calipers, and you’ll need to bleed the system and you may have a problem with your suspension. Your simple brake pad replacement job is suddenly turning into a major automotive expense.

But do you really need all of that work done to your car? You may. Depending on the mileage and your driving habits, you very well might need that level of work done to your car. However, you might not, either.

Overselling is a common trait with some auto repair shops. They get your car in and then begin to point out all of the things that could be done, but that aren’t really all that important. So while you were expecting a bill of a few hundred dollars and your car back on the road by the end of the day, you’re looking at something much more expensive and time consuming.

Ask one simple question first.

You can narrow down your search for the right auto repair shop in the area by asking one simple question before anything else: how long have you been in business?

An auto repair shop that has been in operation for a long time is usually one that has a loyal following of customers. Because there are so many auto repair shops in Albany and the surrounding areas, there’s a high rate of competition.

Only the strong survive in most businesses and when you find a shop that has been around for a long time, you’ll know that it’s because they treat their customers right from the beginning. They don’t oversell, and they make sure to get the job done right the first time.

Marty’s Motors is one of those rare auto repair shops in the area. They have been around since 1975, for more than 38 years! And their owner is an ASE Certified Master Mechanic and all of their technicians are ASE certified as well. That means you’re getting the best experience with the best service.

There’s no need to bring your car, SUV, or light truck anywhere else. Call Marty’s Motors today to see what experience can mean for your car, and your wallet. They’re conveniently located in El Cerrito and serve all of their Albany neighbors well.