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Volkswagen Repair El Cerrito, Richmond, Albany| Marty's MotorsVolkswagen Golf GTI Cabrio by David Villarreal Ferna, used under CC BY-SA 2.0

Volkswagen auto repair shop in El Cerrito, Richmond, Albany

VW cars are a unique type of vehicle. Owners of these cars are particular about the work that is done to them. They want the best VW repair service they can find, but at the same time, they’re not looking to throw their money out the window as the road rolls underneath their spinning wheels.

And while you’re out there looking for the right VW repair shop in El Cerrito, Richmond, or Albany, you’re bound to come across a number of technicians and shops that don’t directly advertise that they work on VWs, but then assure you on the phone that they can help.

There are a couple of things that you should consider, or keep in mind when it comes to your VW repair shop, or the auto repair company that you choose. VWs are not like many other cars. They have their own, specific hardware and it can be tricky to remove certain parts in order to access the ones that need repair or replacing. Did you know, for example, than the Beetle is quite an interesting specimen and that changing the spark plugs (which should be a straightforward and simple process on most cars) can become a nightmare for this bran of vehicle? It requires a special tool in order to be able to get down to those spark plugs and pop the wires off.

The headlights are also unique in how you access them and if you don’t do it right, you will likely snap off a plastic tab, or two, making it that much more difficult to replace the headlamps in the future. If you don’t seal the glass around the lamp properly, you could also shorten the lifespan of those headlights considerably.

What this is attempting to do is not scare you away from any VW repair shop that isn’t actually an ‘authorized’ VW repair shop, but it’s intended to help you understand that your car deserves to be worked on by technicians who understand these vehicles, who know how to access different parts without causing damage, and who have the right tools to get the job done properly from the beginning.

Would you know if the job is done properly?

The question about whether you would know that the job is done properly is an interesting one. Most people today don’t know all that much about the cars that they drive. That means that if they were told that their alternator was bad and needed to be replaced, they wouldn’t know what that looked like, where it was, or how much it would cost.

That leaves it up to the auto repair shop and technician to be honest and upfront about everything. It also means that if something had been done wrong to you VW at the repair shop, then you might not know, unless the technician came out and told you. That’s not likely to happen with many repair shops in the area.

You deserve a company that looks out for its customers and that also has a long and strong history of working with, and on, VWs. These cars are a lot of fun to drive, whether you own one of the new Beetles, a Passat, or any other model that they have put out through the years. You already know that, though, and now you just want someone who is going to treat your car the way that you would treat it, if you knew how to work on it.

At Marty’s Motors, we have been working on and repairing VWs for more than 38 years. Our owner is an ASE certified Master Technician, which is basically the highest rating anyone could earn, and he has made sure that all of the technicians that work on cars in his shop are also ASE certified. They constantly receive the latest training and tools that allow them to effectively and efficiently work on all different types of cars and trucks, including VWs.

What kind of work does Marty’s Motors do for VW repair?

When it comes to VW repair for our El Cerrito, Albany, and Richmond neighbors, Marty’s Motors provides a wide range of services for just about any need. Maybe you’re looking for general maintenance. You know that it’s time for a tune up in your car. Maybe you’ve been told that the fuel filters need to be changed. Perhaps you want an oil change.

The heat might not be working as well as you believe it should, or the air conditioner needs to be charged. Perhaps you require brake service; you’ve noticed that the braking is a bit sluggish lately and you hear a squeal coming from outside of the vehicle when you come to a stop. Perhaps your clutch is slipping or the transmission doesn’t seem to want to offer you the same response that you’ve grown accustomed to through the years.

No matter what concern you have with your VW, Marty’s Motors is the repair shop that can diagnose the problem and get the right parts for your VW. We don’t use secondhand, second rate parts for the cars that we work on. The repair work and general maintenance is only as good as the quality of parts that you use. What good would it serve us to be sending out clients out into the world and onto the highways with less than great parts? It wouldn’t, which is why we make sure that your VW has the right parts that are built to factory specs.

No one wants to deal with a VW repair shop, because it basically means that you’re going to be spending money that you don’t have, or don’t want to spend on your car right now. However, when you need the best, most reliable and most experienced VW repair, whether you’re in El Cerrito, Albany, or Richmond, contact Marty’s Motors. You’ll find that the quality of service and workmanship here is second to none.